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Sniffles, 400s, Happy Hour

Thursday, November 19th, 2009 · No Comments

My Facebook status update last night was the following:


…which pretty much sums it up. I’m stubborn about admitting to being “sick,” though I do get cold-like symptoms maybe once a year, usually around this time. Jen likes to give me a hard time since I like to say I never get sick.

And I’m certainly not going to let some sniffling, sneezing, and coughing get in the way of a good workout – or a good time out on the town.

So sure enough, I put in a hard afternoon workout yesterday: 2-mile warm-up, followed by 6×400-meter intervals @1:26 average time with 200-meter rest in between, concluding with another 1.2-mile cool-down. It was the first I’d run 400s at all since May – and, from what I could find in my training log – I think only the third time since I started running last year. And wow, are they hard. These after a tempo run the day before (5+ with 3 @ 6:58 average pace).

Using McMillan as my guide (and my 19:31 5k PR as my input), I was shooting for between 1:25-1:30 per 400, which is roughly a 5:38-5:58 per mile pace. I ran the first one a little fast (1:24), but was pretty consistent (and a little slower) the next 5 laps. The key with intervals is to run them consistently so that your last one is as fast as your first one.

Here’s what each lap looked like (minus the 200-meter jogs in between each):

1 1:24
2 1:25
3 1:27
4 1:27
5 1:30
6 1:28
Avg. 1:26


I’m also almost done reading a book called Once A Runner, declared by Runner’s World “the best novel ever written about running.” It is a great book – about an elite miler – and my intervals yesterday, though a miniscule workout in comparison to the book’s protagonist, Quenton Cassidy, made me think of the fictitious character as I panted and pushed hard in each lap.

So after a punishing workout, despite this so-called “cold,” what’s a guy to do? Hit happy hour, of course! As James noted in response to aforementioned Facebook update: “That’s the Gabe I know and love – nothing eases a sore throat or cleanses the palate of bile quite like an ice cold beer!” You know it, James!

After work Jen, Jami, and I took the 2-for-1 Wheatfield’s happy hour by storm, followed by a brief coat trying-on session at the Saratoga Saddlery (Jami ever the sales person) – Jen found a winter / rain coat she really likes – and then we hit Max London’s for $9 pizza night, where we enjoyed a delicious tuna tartare appetizer and some shrimp pizzas, with a nightlong of laughs on the side.

Good times, and just another Wednesday in Saratoga!

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