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The Y Tri Workout

Sunday, January 17th, 2010 · 1 Comment

Since my last marathon in the fall, I’ve been taking it quite a bit easier with my running, logging no more than 20-30 miles per week — and an entire week off while Jen and I were in California for Christmas (the most I’ve taken off running since I started in January 2008).

I decided to take it easy this winter and, in general, to relax and have more fun on the running front, not stressing myself out too much about logging big miles and constantly pressuring myself to get faster. I also decided last month to begin making more of an effort to run with my local running club, the Saratoga Stryders.

Last month when Jen and I joined the YMCA, I also took up freestyle swimming, and have been hitting the pool once or twice a week. Swimming is tough and I can really feel the impact on my  lungs. After a swim, I feel exhausted  in a different way than after running. I also think it’s helping me to run faster.

The swimming, combined with regularly running with the Stryders — a fast and experienced group of runners — has made me feel faster and stronger (on fewer miles) in a relatively short period of time. I”ve also really enjoyed the Wednesday night Brewery runs with the Stryders, where we run about 7 miles then enjoy some beers.

During an awesome 6.75-mile run with the Stryders through the Spa State Park yesterday morning (view Garmin splits), it occurred to me that it would be fun to do my own little triathlon workout at the Y today: swim, bike, and run for roughly 20 minutes each.

I wasn’t sure what to expect and how tough it might be, but today I did my first Y tri workout — and it was great.

I started in the pool and swam for roughly 20 minutes, which yielded 14 laps. I quickly dried off, changed, threw on my running shoes, then headed into the cardio room and hit an Expresso bike machine, where a video display showed me racing through snow-covered mountains (5.4 miles in 25:14). Still feeling strong, I hopped on a treadmill next to Jen and clocked 3.05 final miles in 24:30.

It felt pretty awesome and this Y tri workout will likely become a regular routine for me. It’s fun to mix it up. I’ve also had it in the back of my mind for a while that after I hit my next major running goal (qualify for and run the Boston marathon), I’d consider doing a triathlon.

Who knows? Maybe I’ll look into some small local triathlons to give a shot this year before I get deep into training for a fall marathon.

Y Tri Workout at a glance:

type time distance (in miles)
swim 20:00 0.398
bike 25:14 5.4
run 25:30 3.05
total: 70:44 8.848

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