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On the Eighth Day of ’Stachemas

Monday, December 19th, 2011 · No Comments

The ’Stachemas Dove has apparently taken up the habit of time traveling lately, this time transporting us on a ’stache-tastic journey to the late 1830s, Kinderhook, NY, to show us some sweet Nineteenth Century chops from Jen’s home town.

The ’Stachemas Dove singeth out:

On the eighth day of ‘Stachemas

The ‘Stache Dove sent to me…

Eighth Presidential chops.

Seven sexy Sellecks.

Six sketchy Santas.

Five years of ABMGC.

Four bearded Jesuses.

Three ‘stachey stockings.

Two mutts a-muzzying.

And a sweet little ‘stache-fan-to-be.

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