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America’s Most Diverse City

Friday, August 30th, 2002 · No Comments

According to a new report in Time Magazine, my hometown has been dubbed “America’s Most Diverse City.” Pretty cool. I never really thought of Sacramento as the ultimate boiling pot (San Francisco typically has that reputation), but thinking about it now, it makes sense — except, of course, at my mostly-white high school alma mater, Jesuit.

Feeling like being insulted? Try out the insult generator.

As if spending several hours doing our final cleaning on TI Wednesday night wasn’t bad enough, I had to go back there one last time last night to pick up a handful of things that we forgot. Aside from a pile of trash that the garbage collectors didn’t take, which I’m done worrying about, that’s it! No more TI.

After the stop at TI, I headed into the city to pick up Jen from work. We then had a nice dinner under heat lamps overlooking the Bay at Kelly’s Mission Rock. We remembered having gone there with Nana once, so the one-time hot spot for dot-com parties will always hold fond memories. After dinner, we headed to SnoDrift (also in China Basin), to meet up with some friends for a Maker’s Mark Ambassadors’ special event — grub and drink specials. The drinks were yummy, the place was really cool — mounds of ice behind bar, trippy light projections on walls, fireplace in middle of lounge area, plastic lawn deer — and it was fun hanging out with folks.

It only took us a half-hour to get home to Larkspur, which was nice — to know we’re not too disconnected from the city in our new place.

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