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Haulin’ That Ass

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2002 · No Comments

Wow. I just learned from this Web site that my WRX has a top speed of nearly 180 MPH! (With computer-control removed, of course. It’s only 140 or so stock.)

Vehicle Speed at 7000 rpm redline with WRX 3.9 differentials:
1st gear 3.18 ratio = 41.79 mph
2nd gear 1.94 ratio = 68.51 mph
3rd gear 1.35 ratio = 98.45 mph
4th gear 0.966 ratio = 137.58 mph
5th gear 0.74 ratio = 179.60 mph (remains stock)
(bone stock WRX is “drag limited” at 140mph)

Jen and I had quite the weekend. Spent a couple days in Sacramento with the family cleaning out the garage — or at least trying to. We only managed to create one truckload of stuff. Mom wasn’t quite ready to let go of a lot of stuff, so we put a bunch of stuff back into the garage. Saturday night Jen and I saw XXX, which inspired me to finally purchase The Fast and the Furious DVD yesterday at Target. Ben came over last night and we watched it. I also learned today what double-clutching is and that it is good. I will start learning how to do it.

Sunday while parked at The Villages at Corte Madera for some shopping, some asshole in a newer black Impala opened a rear car door into my car and put a dent in it. I got the license plate number of the car and left a note with my number (well, Jen wrote a nicer version of the note than the one I had written). No word yet from whoever did it. Still need to look into how much it would cost to fix and if it would even be worth the trouble (and if I’d even be able to track down person based on license plate number). It just makes me mad. But I’m also working on becoming less attached to things.

Tomorrow we’re going to see the Giants play the Rockies.

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