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Monday, May 17th, 2004 · No Comments

On Friday we got the mortgage commitment letter. Our first mortgage. Called for celebration with a bottle of champagne (for the record, we’ve been celebrating at every step of the process — decided to buy house, made offer, offer accepted, applied for mortgage, got mortgage — and will surely continue throughout the rest of this exciting experience). Any excuse to celebrate is good enough for me, especially one as important as buying a house.

Also on Friday I met the hardwood floor guy at the new house for him to take some measurements to give us a quote to refinish the beautiful hardwood before we move in.

Saturday we took the dogs to their new local vet, cleaned the apartment, hung out with Sue and Josh, did some work on the 100 Faces cover design, and went to a new place for dinner — Bruno’s, which is across from the track and is a cool Italian/50s-style diner.

Sunday was mostly a lazy day around the house, though we made our first official trip to Lowe’s as homeowners. And bought — wait now, this is exciting — packing tape. Five rolls of it. We scoped out some handsome gas grills for all the parties we plan to throw, too.

We also enjoyed some sunshine on the porch yesterday.

Which ties into my observation of late: Living in the Northeast (or anywhere it’s not sunny year-round) gives one a greater appreciation for the sun. It really encourages you to get outside and enjoy it, and to appreciate it more. Having grown up in California, you almost take sunny days for granted. I remember having had the same feeling for the first time while at Vassar — people really longed for and welcomed the spring with open arms.

So, too, do I now. Spring is finally here — with the occasional lighting and thunderstorm — and I really value it.

The seasons, too, are great. I feel more connected to nature and the passing of time, in a way, than I do in California.

This is not to say that I don’t miss California; I do, very much. These are merely observations about the weather and the seasons that I appreciate about this coast. Make it through the winter and you’re rewarded with a gorgeous spring and summer.

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