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Quit Yer Whining

Thursday, June 3rd, 2004 · No Comments

$2 buys you a lot more than a gallon of gas. See why:


This is also in line with my belief that rising gas prices are a good thing. Those of us who don’t drive urban assault vehicles won’t go broke. And maybe all you H2 drivers will think twice next time you spend close to a Benjamin to fill up your damn 32-gallon-tank-having, environment-destroying, 8-10-mile-per-gallon-getting, I-must-crush-everyone-in-my-path, two-parking-space-hogging, threat-to-everyone-else-on-the-road, unnecessary, made-for-the-military-and-not-civilian use piece of machinery.

And for the record, an H2, with its 32-gallon tank, gets about the same mileage per tank that I get with the tank in my car that’s nearly a third that size (12 gallons). So not only is it a third cheaper for me to drive the same distance, but I’m destroying the environment at merely a third of the pace of you H2 drivers.

There’s something for you to be proud of when your grandchildren can’t leave the house without oxygen masks.

[ Hummer demand is down | Sunday NYTimes story | SUV sales fall 15 percent | Island Press ]

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