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Party Time

Monday, August 2nd, 2004 · No Comments

Lately I’ve not blogged much. In fact, in the history of my blog, it may be the dryest stretch I’ve had without regular posts. I want to be better about that. Things have been so busy lately.

I took off a few days at the end of last week to party first with Megan, who arrived from California on Tuesday, and then with James, who arrived on Thursday and remains for another week. It’s very cool of both those cats to make such a long trip to hang out. You guys are great friends and kick some ass, too. I had (am having) an awesome time with you both.

Quick recap of last week: Futon finally arrived; went to track on opening day with Megan; soaked in the sun at Professor Moriarty’s with Megan; walked around town oohing and awing with Megan at the “summer cottages” of Saratoga; marveled at the daily plant date at Congress Park; sipped wine on the porch; chilled at the Wine Bar; ate at Little India; drove to Syracuse to pick up James; enjoyed Megan’s fine taste of old school rap on the way home; stopped by Betty Beaver’s; ate at the brew pub; partied at Nine Maple and Desperate Annie’s; drove around the lake; had a super-fun housewarming party; saw Napoleon Dynamite.

Jen was a rock star in preparing for the housewarming party. She really did an amazing job of planning, cleaning, hosting. Happy was an excellent doghost, too. Friends and neighbors came from far and wide for the party. Thanks to you all for helping us make our first party in our new home a great success!


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