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Thursday, August 19th, 2004 · No Comments

In response to Cal Thomas‘ editorial in today’s Saratogian, I just sent the following letter to the editor (unfortunately, I can’t find the original piece online):

    To the Editor:

    How ironic that Cal Thomas declares the following in his editorial criticizing Kerry (“Where is Kerry’s evidence of trustworthiness?”): “A president must always put America’s interests first.”

    What was America’s interest in Iraq before her young soldiers were sent there to die? Iraq presented no imminent danger to America. An unprecedented, preemptive strike against another nation did not have this country’s interests in mind. America’s interests start at home with jobs, healthcare, education, and security. This country is at risk now more than ever — our jobs are moving overseas, 140,000 troops are overextended in Iraq, and we’re at home with a record $445 billion deficit while 49% of our tax dollars are paying for past and current military endeavors (

    Thomas further claims that “To earn trust, one must give evidence of being trustworthy.” Funny he should mention “evidence.” Weren’t we supposed to trust Bush when he claimed he had “evidence” of certain non-existent weapons of mass destruction?


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    Saratoga Springs, NY

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