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Republican Jackass

Tuesday, August 31st, 2004 · No Comments

Daily Kos: “Okay, this is just a tiny story, but worthy of repeating. I magically found myself with an RNC Guest Pass today (moohoohoohaahaa), and so I made my way toward the Garden, herded along with many, many, hot, pissed-off New Yorkers. Eventually, security stripped away layers of the great unwashed, leaving me strolling along the sidewalk with GOP delegates and other various soul-sucking creatures from the depths of hell.”

The rest of the story is worth reading.

The Daily Kos is a site that I know is very popular, but one that hasn’t really been on my radar a whole lot. But I think I’ll start reading it. There seems to be good stuff there. And, in all honesty, it seems to have the appeal and readership that I would love to have on my own site one day.

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