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Restaurant Hop

Wednesday, September 29th, 2004 · No Comments

Last night was my father-in-law’s birthday, so the in-laws came to town and we all went out on the town. We first went to the Original Saratoga Springs Brew Pub, which we knew was closing since it’s been sold, but were saddened to find that they’ve run dry and only have two crappy beers on draft and more crappy beers by the bottle. The food menu was also sad. So we left.

Then we went to Bailey’s Cafe, which is more cafe than acutal dining, so we had a round of drinks before continuing our trek.

We ended up eating a delicious pasta dinner at The Wheat Fields, a place that makes its own pasta. Jen and I had only been once before, back in the winter. It was excellent again.

After dinner, we proceeded to what’s become one of our favorite local hangouts, the Saratoga Brewery (not to be confused with the brew pub, which is shutting down). We had a round of pints and filled the growler, and learned that one of the guys who was there last night (and with whom we’d chatted before) is actually Rachel Ray‘s father. So that was cool. (Sidenote: We have the same 1948 Chambers stove that Rachel Ray uses on her show.)

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