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Non-Stop Weekend

Monday, November 8th, 2004 · No Comments

As if to make up for last weekend’s sitting around and doing nothing, Jen and I went all out this weekend.

Friday night we went out on the town with Justin and Seth. We hit the usual spots: DA’s, the Wine Bar, Tin and Lint. Ended up at Joe’s house for a bit before heading in for the night.

Saturday we hit the road just after 9am and headed to central New York for Steph’s baby shower. While Jen did the strange things that women do at those things, I hung out with Dave and two other generations of men. It was a good 6-hour round trip and a beautiful day to be on the road.

After dinner Saturday night, we headed north to Sarah and Eric’s place for poker night. There were seven of us playing. I was the first to lose. Since my blog was a topic of conversation that night (Eric dubbed me “Dot Com” and Jen “Lady Fantastic”), I have to give shoutouts to the others in attendance: Andy the Fluffer, Nantucket Steve, and Sean the Yankees Fan. I overcame my poker fear and look forward to getting my ass handed to me next time.

Yesterday we replaced our 16 screen windows and one screen door with as many storm windows. We’re ready for you, winter! Bring the snow. We also raked, had lunch with Anne and Tom at Sushi Thai Garden, and had Jen’s parents over for dinner and a movie (Master and Commander).

I wasn’t too impressed by Master and Commander. It was like a badly done 1805 reality show without producer intervention to create an interesting story line.

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