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The Incredibles

Friday, November 12th, 2004 · No Comments

Watching The Incredibles last night, I felt excited and giddy, much like the row of 6-year-olds next to me. Except I think I laughed more and enjoyed it more than they did. This movie is simply awesome.

The animation is so good you tend to forget you’re watching a cartoon. The story line and the writing are superb. The characters are funny. It’s really a well-done movie and it far exceeded my expectations. And I was expecting a lot. It’s definitely one for the DVD collection. It was also pretty cool to see in the credits the name of one of Pixar’s animators whom I know.

My favorite character? Elastigirl. And not just because of her bootylicious cartoon ass.

The trailer for Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith kicked ass. It got me really psyched for the May release.

The Pixar short Boundin’ was adorable. It featured the Great American Jackalope, so how could it be bad?

This morning I dropped off the dogs at The Farm in preparation for our weekend get away to NYC. After charging out of the car to assert her dominance over the gentle, freely running dogs, Stella and Happy seemed content to be running around a pen by themselves a bit later. While standing in the office, Pippin, the staff monkey and “unofficial supervisor of the kennel,” opened the door behind me and cruised out into the barn. He was so fast I wondered why the door was opening by itself. As he perched on a stack of boxes outside the office, I was face-to-face with Pippin when I left the office. I smiled and greeted him with, “Hi, monkey!” I half-expected him to reply, but he just looked at me curiously with his little monkey eyes.

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