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2004 Web Traffic

Wednesday, January 5th, 2005 · No Comments

December 2004 was a record-setting month for my site in terms of overall traffic: 21,051 unique visitors, 32,515 visits, 80,634 pages, 257,286 hits, and 4.15 GB of bandwidth. For the year, 2004 brought to my site 197,531 unique visitors. Not too shabby for a little personal site.


Of course, there are countless ways to look at stats, and as many services that measure “traffic,” so when comparing one site’s traffic to another, you should always use the same method of measurement. Site Meter tells me I have an average of 519 visits per day; Nedstat says I’ve tallied up 287,221 visits since September 18, 2002; Google AdSense tells me yet another stat.

Point being: It’s fun monitoring this stuff and pretty cool to see what a large audience I have (though I realize that much of my traffic is just happenstance and not representative of regular readers). One of these days, I’ll do a reader survey like Dan did once upon a time.

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