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3 Days of Fun

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2005 · No Comments

It was a long and eventful three-day weekend. After Thursday night’s festivities, we took it easy Friday with a chill a dinner at Albany’s Pump Station with Jen’s parents. We waited 45 minutes after our 7:15pm reservation time to be seated. Despite the stupid LED pager thing, popular at so many chain restaurants like the Olive Garden, the host claimed to “forget what (Jen) looked like,” even though she had checked in twice during our wait and stood a few feat from the host’s station. Past experiences at the Pump Station have been better, but with Jerry Seinfeld performing across the street that night, it must’ve thrown them off.

Saturday we spent chillin’ around the house, doing some reading, cleaning up, and preparing for having Alex and Cati over for dinner that night. Jen made her infamous spinach lasagne and we enjoyed several bottles of wine. I got my ass handed to me (yet again) in Hearts by Alex. Playing for 10 cents a point cost me nearly 10 bucks since I was the first loser.

Sunday we went to see a play in the state park, Home Made Theater‘s Picasso at the Lapin Agile, written by Steve Martin. Justin’s dad played Gaston, one of the primary characters. With a relatively small cast, the show took place in a pub in Paris in 1903, shortly before Picasso rose to fame and Einstein introduced his theory of relativity. The two characters spent time in the artists’ bar, telling tales of their own greatness and discussing women. It was one of the funniest plays I’ve seen.

After finishing our taxes (to be sent to our preparer) Sunday afternoon/evening (hallelujah!), I headed over to Joe’s for a bit to play some video games and help celebrate his birthday.

Yesterday rounded off the three-day weekend with some more gaming at Justin’s place and a relaxing evening at home. Well, as relaxing as an evening with 24 can be.

This morning while walking out to the garage to start the car for Jen, I noticed that someone had drawn a driveway flower in the snow for us — either that or I’m better with the snow blower, which I used yesterday, than I realize.

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