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Lazy Americans

Friday, March 11th, 2005 · No Comments

After a hard night’s work of refinancing our mortgage (we got a much better rate that will take a number of years off our loan), then catching up on TV shows such as Lost, The OC (ended with the new Star Wars III trailer), and Blind Justice (the new show with the most implausible of all plot lines — a blind crime scene detective), there wasn’t much left to do besides hang out in bed. We had no intention of falling asleep — after all, it was only 930pm and we normally don’t hit the sack until 1130 or midnight — but that’s exactly what happened.

Ten-and-a-half hours later, we woke up. Quite a bit longer than the seven or eight hours we usually get. But we must’ve needed it. Watching TV is hard work, you know. Oh, and eating popcorn and delicious apple cake homemade by mother-in-law. It’s strenuous.

Good thing the weekend has arrived and we can get even more rest before the next TV-watching marathon happens.

I did make up a bit for the laziness last night by riding my bike through snow and freezing wind nearly a mile home this morning after dropping off the WRX at the shop for things such as annual NY state inspection and tire rotation.

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