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Tuesday, March 29th, 2005 · No Comments

I got the car washed on Saturday using a free coupon that Jen won at work. At select locations, it would’ve been good for a full inside and out wash, but at our local Hoffman’s, which apparently does a more thorough inside job (they really do a great job, despite some kid’s having stalled my car last year), it was good only for a deluxe exterior wash plus wheel cleaning. I love getting the car washed. It’s like getting a brand new car right off the lot… especially when you haven’t washed it in a while and have been driving around in snow, mud, and ice.

Since Hoffman didn’t do the inside, I went to town on it when we got home Saturday. I Armor All’d the inside surfaces and used this kick-ass Armor All tire foam on the tires. It worked great and gave the tires that shiny wet look. The car looked really good all weekend long.

Then, of course, it poured and poured yesterday. Figures. But so it goes. Such is life in the Northeast.

There was a flood warning in the whole Capital Region yesterday. We experienced a bit of our own flooding. Our driveway isn’t exactly flat or well designed, so the water tends to pool in the middle. There are dips in the driveway just in front of the garage and in the lawn outside the garage, so that whole area was flooded yesterday, too. A small layer of water had even pooled inside the garage.

Overall, for being 80 years old, our house is in amazing condition. Even the foundation and basement are great, but I must admit I do worry about those areas. Last night I went to the basement to make sure the water wasn’t making its presence known down there. Overall, pretty good results, but some moisture is leaking through various parts of the foundation. So that’s a concern. We have to look into ways to prevent that from happening.

We do have a lot of keepsakes and 90 pounds worth of dog food down there, so it would really suck to have any kind of serious leakage.

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