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Automatic Daylight Savings

Tuesday, April 5th, 2005 · No Comments

We live in an automated world. From programming your TV to record your favorite shows to telling your coffee pot to have the morning brew ready for you, there’s not a whole lot that can’t happen automatically these days. Will cars drive us around automatically some day as depicted in movies like Total Recall and iRobot? Probably. Along these lines, I noticed yesterday — following Sunday’s spring ahead to Daylight Savings Time — that there were very few clocks in my house I had to manually change.

I’ve always been into gadgets and technology. Thus, growing up, it was always a treat for me to run around the house twice a year and adjust the time on any time-keeping device on which I could get my hands (watches, VCRs, digital clocks). This year, however, I found myself (so far) having adjusted only two clocks manually (the guest room clock and the kitchen wall clock).

I realized that most of the time-keeping devices in my life these days know what time it is without my intervention — my cell phone, the cable box downstairs, the cable box in my room, my computer, my email. All these machines with electronic brains know what time it is — and have been programmed to adjust to the American convention of changing the time twice a year.

It’s fascinating, really, this world of automation in which we live. Younger generations will likely take it for granted.

If you missed this story to which I linked the other day, check it out: Spring Forward Faster is an argument for keeping Daylight Savings permanent, or at least extending it by a week in the spring and a week in the fall to conserve energy and reduce evening traffic accidents.

I realized this morning while walking the dogs that it’s now warm enough to go outside without gloves. Spring is finally here! Only small traces of snow remain here and there.

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