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Spring is in the Air

Wednesday, April 6th, 2005 · No Comments

I think it’s safe to say that spring has officially arrived when it’s warm enough to return the beach chairs and table to their proper positions on the front porch. We haven’t yet had quite as many sunny days as we did around this time last year, but yesterday was a step in the right direction. After work, Jen and I enjoyed some Sauvignon Blanc on the porch while watching the sun set.

Later in the evening, we headed to the local Italian club to meet up with Justin (who recently earned his membership there) for some drinks. We stopped in at Ken and Rachel’s place for a bit — they were kind enough to loan me Alias Season 1, a show I’ve long been curious about and about which I’ve heard nothing but praise, but have yet to see — then checked in at a few potential bars before settling in for a couple more drinks at Gaffney’s. Yup, nothing like a crazy Tuesday night out on the town in Saratoga Springs. And we weren’t the only ones. It wasn’t anything like a weekend night, of course, but many of the bars last night were hopping. I guess everyone has spring fever.

Whatever You Do, Don’t Read This…

Where Are The Good Christians? / The fanatics and nutjobs now running the show sure give honest believers a bad name:

They do not call themselves the Parent’s Television Council or the Right to Life Marauders or the Family Values Coalition or some other dumbly misleading and patently bogus moniker. They are not attempting to cram already gutted public school textbooks with imbecilic “Intelligent Design” BS, nor are they writing uptight letters to the FCC en masse or ranting about nipples or dildos or low-cut jeans on teenage girls while at the same exact moment repressing their own gay fantasies and kiddie-porn collections.

The bad news is, the rabid evangelical set is growing, this cluster of lost and weirdly undereducated people for whom the Bible is literal word-for-word verbatim truth and the Rapture is imminent and the Earth is just a disposable lump and the flesh is a disgusting afterthought and should be ignored and loathed and made really really fat and sexless and sad. And, to my mind, these people deserve all the fiery verbiage and raw satire and intelligent ideological counterforce I can possibly lob their way.

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