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Sun, Trees, Sneeze

Wednesday, May 11th, 2005 · 1 Comment

isolated_thunderstorms.png It warmed up to the high 70s yesterday and is supposed to be there again today with some thunderstorms here and there. But such is the nature of weather in the Northeast. Regardless, I love how green it’s been getting lately and that it’s starting to feel so warm. I even wore shorts yesterday and am wearing them again today.

Pretty amazing that in the span of less than four months, the temperature here can swing nearly 100 degrees. It’s just about time to take off all 16 storm windows and put the summer screens back on.

There are four giant spruce trees and one skinny one with only a couple branches that line the property of our back yard. The one closest to our house has thick branches that come down to just above our roof, and others have dipped pretty close to the yard. I got an estimate yesterday to have the branches trimmed up (about 12 to 14 feet) and the skinny tree removed. The work would go a long way in improving the look of our property (and probably our curb appeal) and, more importantly, would give us quite a bit of more direct light, which we’re currently lacking. (The trees face south.) The other very practical reason for trimming the branches, which has year-round benefits, is so the sun can dry moisture left on the roof and siding after snow and rain. We want to prevent water damage in the walls and from rotting away the wood siding, as has already happened in one instance near our chimney. The estimate wasn’t all that bad, but I’m torn about whether we should go for it, simply because we have such a busy summer ahead of us and have to be careful about our spending.

All the yellow pollen I’ve been seeing around finally hit me this morning while walking the dogs. I had a good sneezing fit. Luckily, my allergies are pretty good overall here in Saratoga and don’t give me too much trouble.

Two years ago today I wrote a Go Game recap. We won arm wrestling and chugging contests. Oh what fun it was!

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  • 1 glenn // May 11, 2005 at 5:25 pm

    get the trees trimmed- ALWAYS invest in curb appeal, light, and preventative maintenance. Every $ you spend now on this type of work will be worth $20 in equity and save $20 in future repairs