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Family Fun

Monday, May 16th, 2005 · 1 Comment

The non-stop weekend began Friday with Chinese take-out followed by happy hour at Seth and Niki’s place. Happy hour turned into many hours as Jen and Niki jammed on the accordian, we scanned photos and other documents, and engaged in general debauchery. Ken dropped us off at Justin’s house to let Isaac out before we walked home.

My Mom took the red-eye flight from San Diego and arrived in Albany Saturday morning. Upon returning to Saratoga Springs, I gave her a driving tour around Saratoga Lake, Yaddo, Congress Park, Broadway (with a stop at Uncommon Grounds), then back to my place. It’s the first she’s been here since Jen and I moved here, and I’m really glad she came to visit. Saturday afternoon we walked several miles around town, stopping for ice cream cones at Ben and Jerry’s, riding the Congress Park Carousel, and soaking in the sun.

Saturday night Jen’s friend/coworker and her husband hosted a dinner/game night in Troy. There were four couples. We ate, drank, and partied the night away with Apples to Apples, Imaginff, and Cranium. I was a chicken at one point.

Sunday my Mom and I went for a drive to the Saratoga Battlefield, where “fifteen (of the) most decisive battles in world history” took place in late 1777.

Last night Jen’s parents arrived for a fun-filled evening of BBQ chicken, debate of local and world topics, and all-around very enjoyable family time.

Although I can trace my blog postings back as early as November 2000, as of this month, it’s now been three full years of nearly daily blogging. May 2002 archives.

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  • 1 Nat // May 16, 2005 at 9:26 am

    Random FYI,

    The carousel in Congress Park was carved in 1910 by MC Illions, one of the masters of this craft. The carousel is the oldest “two row” Illions left on the planet.

    p.s. The tails are real horse hair!