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Thursday, June 9th, 2005 · No Comments

Even though LG, which now owns the rights to the Goldstar brand, denies it, I’m convinced that our Goldstar DH2510 dehumidifier, which we inherited with the house, is defective and should be part of the recall. I discovered the recall over the weekend, and it instantly explained the burning wire smell we experienced in December. But there’s little use fighting a big corporation that won’t budge. It’s probably better not to mess with a defective machine anyway.

Regardless, with summer in full swing and humidity levels rising, the basement really needs a new dehumidifier. Add to that the fact that Monday’s thunderstorm brought with it a bit of basement flooding, and the need is even more imminent. We’ve been researching products and nearly bought one on Amazon but decided it might not be worth the 25 dollars in shipping. So today I plan to hit Sears with the list of Consumer Reports-recommended dehumidifiers in hand.

Just the latest joy in the world of home ownership…

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