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Summer-End Festivities

Tuesday, September 6th, 2005 · No Comments

The seasons are changing. It’s about 52 degrees this morning (Northeast insta-season change yields overnight temperature drop, which yields sneezing and sniffling for me). Even though we weren’t planning on doing much this weekend, every day was non-stop go go go.

Friday Nat and Heather invited us over for a yummy dinner. Then Heather kicked my ass at basement ping-pong. Saturday afternoon I helped Nat do some data backup/system restoration work before Jen and I hit the track for our seventh and final time of the season. In the eighth race, I hit the trifecta and exacta (I had done a straight trifeca and an exacta box to cover my bases, but should’ve just put all my money on the trifecta), and Jen hit the exacta, too. Though I stopped keeping track, I’d guess that we broke even for the season. Saturday night we joined friends for an unofficial breaking in of Seth and Niki’s new kick-ass lake house. We kayaked, bonfired, and partied the night away.

Sunday afternoon Justin and I went hard drive shopping, then Jen and I headed north for Sarah and Eric’s backyard, sports-themed barbeque (our Foulke the Yankees shirts were crowd pleasers). Seven or so hours of bonfires, geezer golf, and karaoke was a great way to wrap up the summer. Monday afternoon Jen’s mom and aunt and uncle came to Saratoga, so we showed them around town, had lunch in the state park, and enjoyed gelato on Broadway. Yesterday evening we did our part in boosting the economy (and taking advantage of tax-free clothing week) by buying a couple new pairs of shoes and sandals, another hard drive, and groceries. Last night we resisted the urge to hit another party at Justin’s place.

Summer 2005 was another banner summer.

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