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The Winter That Wasn’t

Friday, February 17th, 2006 · No Comments

This winter has been disappointing, thanks, no doubt to global warming. We’ve hardly seen any snow. I was jealous of the NYC snow storm last weekend that made the city look like it does most winters here in Saratoga Springs. But alas, it looks more like spring out my window on this warm February morning; it’s about 50 degrees right now with a bit of rain. We only have a few patches of dirty snow around the neighborhood, when this time of winter usually has snow banks packed several feet high. Hopefully March will come in like a lion and give me some much-wanted snow. We only had a few small snow storms early on in the winter (December). There wasn’t much in January. I’m still waiting for a 26-incher like the record-setting one in NYC last weekend.

Three years ago today we were living in San Francisco — where the median home price just declined to $607,000 in January 2006 — and protesting the start of the war that was about to begin in Iraq. Good thing we’ve spent $241,551,654,830 (and counting) on the war. “Instead, we could have hired 4,186,121 additional public school teachers for one year.”

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