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Weekend Recap

Monday, March 13th, 2006 · No Comments

And just like that, the snow is gone. It seems spring is nearly here, and Saratoga Springs got a taste of it Saturday, when temperatures were in the 50s and Broadway was packed with people. It looked more like track season than the end of a mild winter.

Friday night we took it easy at home before a long day on Saturday. We walked into town twice — first just to enjoy the day and being outside, and to pick up wine, cheese, and crackers at Putnam Market, which was packed with people (I’m always glad to see downtown businesses thriving, as they do whenever the weather is nice). We enjoyed some Australian wines that were being featured in the tasting that day on the wine side of Putnam.

Saturday night Alex, Cati, Hugh, and Jami joined us for cocktail hour and snacks — exhibiting their good taste, Hugh and Jami brought over the same Bordeaux that we had sampled and bought earlier in the day, too — before we walked into town again for dinner at O’Callaghan’s — where Justin later joined us — and drinks at the Tin & Lint. It was a really fun evening of good friends, good laughs, and good times.

Since I take so many pictures with my cell phone, I’m sometimes tempted to get the first 2.0 megapixel camera phone (and camcorder) available in the U.S., the Samsung MM-A800 (CNET Review | Engadget). But apparently uploading photos would be really slow since it uses the old data network. It also doesn’t have Bluetooth, another feature I’d like to see in my next phone. Of course, the other drawback to having a phone with 2 MP photo capabilities is that it’s almost like taking a step backward since I’d likely carry it and use it more often my regular camera. 2.0 MP is good quality, especially for a cell phone, but not quite as good as my regular 5 MP digital camera, so it’s almost as if I should wait for the technology to advance (and price to come down) before investing in a phone that doubles as a camera (or vice-versa).

(Coincidentally, after writing the above, I see in my “On This Day in…” feature that it was two years ago today when I first got my current camera phone, the Samsung VGA1000.)

You can get a free Microsoft USB memory stick in exchange for your address — just click the “Get Yours” link. It’s probably only 16 MB or so, but what the heck? Seems like a good place to store vital data like a Quicken QDF file and RoboForm backup data. (Thanks, Alex, for the tip!)

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