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Weekend Updates

Monday, March 20th, 2006 · No Comments

Happy Spring! Though today’s officially the start of spring, it still feels like winter here in Saratoga Springs with the temperature currently at 19° and a 30% chance of snow predicted for this morning. I also woke up with a bit of cough and feeling tired in the bones this morning, so I may be fighting the onset of my once-per-year cold (it was around April 15 last year, according to this blog, when I was last fighting a cold).

It was a mostly chill, yet productive, weekend. Yesterday Jen and I spent most of the afternoon doing a spring cleaning of the office, clearing off the desks and emptying out the clutter from the closet. It’s amazing how much crap we’ve accumulated… in just one small room in the house. The closet was like a giant junk drawer. It’s a lot more manageable now, but I still feel like I just have too much clutter in my life.

Saturday I hung out with Justin, enjoying martinis and watching Hustle ‘n Flow, which I enjoyed quite a bit. Was it Jon Stewart at the Oscars who said it was this movie that made America fall in love with a pimp? Or at least feel compassionate toward the pimp?

It was the first movie that came from my renewed Netflix account, which I reactivated last Sunday, primarily inspired to catch up on the first three seasons of 24, which I never saw all the way through (I’ve already watched Season 1: Disc 1 and am waiting for the next one to arrive).

We also did some more research this weekend on planning our Mallorca trip. After ruling out Air Comet Plus, which sounds like a sketchy charter airline (bad reviews online), we’ve narrowed down our itinerary to include either Delta or Iberia. If you’ve flown either airline on an international flight, I’d appreciate any feedback you might have about the experience (we flew British Airlines to London last year and had a great experience; although we could take the airline to Spain, we’d have to do so via London, which would nearly double the travel time).

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