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KR3 Anniversary

Friday, March 31st, 2006 · No Comments

It was one year ago today when I wrote about our then-new game, Karaoke Revolution 3.

In the past year, the game has revolutionized partying as we know it. Most parties at our house now involve rockin’ the karaoke mic and cheering for video game characters dancing on screen. And whenever we go to parties at our friends’ houses, karaoke is often on the scene. In fact, at least two sets of friends have purchased a PS2 and KR3 or Karaoke Party, the newer version of KR3, after experiencing it at casa de A_nderson.

Be it my birthday party last year or Sarah and Eric’s Labor Day party, KR is always on the scene and the hit of the party.

Here’s to another year of partying KR style.. and my infamously bad singing!

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