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Weekend Recap

Monday, April 24th, 2006 · 1 Comment

Imagine this: You’ve come home from a hot date and all you want to do is get your groove on. You park your car and you just can’t help yourself: You begin your makeout session in the car. If you’re the lady who was riding passenger in the situation, you’ve climbed across the center divide into your man’s lap. The windows haven’t quite steamed up and life is good. Next thing you know, there’s a giant dog face staring at you through the driver’s side window. You jump and you gasp.

Leave it to Stella Brie to ruin the moment for a couple in our neighborhood last night. The Mallamute just knew something was going on in the parked car as we returned home from our walk. She’s walked past parked cars hundreds of times, so, not thinking anything of it, we strolled past the car, then suddenly Stella was standing on her hind legs checking out the action inside the car. What can I say? She’s one curious dog.

Friday Justin and I ran into Jami, Alexis, and company for what turned out to be the start of an 8-hour happy hour that spanned all around downtown — the Circus Cafe, Thirteen, roof of City Tavern, then back to Circus. Fortunately, Jen tracked us down on the roof of City Tavern for the majority of the evening.

Saturday was an action-packed game night at Hugh and Jami’s place — friends, Taboo (why do the girls always win?? I think girls can read each other’s minds), Balderdash, strawberry rhubarb pie, two cats, and four dogs. What else do you need for a great evening?

Two years ago today I posted this entry on Craftsman Homes around the time we had found our house and were getting ready to buy it. The philosophy behind the Craftsman home is awesome and really worth exploring (my blog post is a good place to begin). As I quote Stickley in the post, this rings true for me in the way I live my life: “those who demand honesty in all expression from friends, and who give in return sincerity and unselfishness, those who are fearless of sorrow, yet demand joy; those who rank work and rest as equal means of progress. … All we really need is a change in our point of view toward life and a keener perception regarding the things that count and the things which merely burden us.”

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  • 1 suzanne // Apr 25, 2006 at 10:44 am

    I think Stella should become an honorary member of the Saratoga Springs vice squad.