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Lake Squirrel Dogs

Friday, June 30th, 2006 · No Comments

My dogs love squirrels as much as I do. When they see them, they chase after them. What makes that even more fun is when I’m on my rollerblades, as I was this morning (with Jen riding my bike alongside). Each of the several times we saw squirrels, I crouched down into a tuck and with one arm sprawled in each direction with a dog attached to the end, I let them charge. What a rush. So much fun. They’re fast, especially Happy Dingo, being a border collie monster and all who just wants to run all the time. When I don’t have Stella, the old girl, I can skate as fast as I possibly can and Happy can still keep up with me. Now that’s a fast dog.

And speaking of dogs, although I previously posted a couple random shots from our trip to the lake back in April (Lake Dogs | Happy Dingo by the Lake), I haven’t yet posted a link to all the amazing photos taken by Niki that day. Now you, too, can enjoy all 49 of them, some of which will one day be framed photos in my house. Thanks again for the awesome photos, Niki!

View all Saratoga Lake dog photos by Niki Rossi

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