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Beekman Street Bistro

Thursday, July 27th, 2006 · 1 Comment

A little more than a year ago, Jen, Justin, and I were enjoying drinks one evening at 9 Maple, our favorite (and the best) local martini bar here in Saratoga Springs. We struck up a conversation with a cool guy who had just come to town from Portland, Oregon to open a new restaurant that sounded right up my alley: Only fresh and local produce, meat from local farms, twice-weekly visits to the Farmers’ Market. It was to be called the Beekman Street Bistro, he told us as he handed me a business card, and was opening in that new Beekman Arts District.

At the time, the Beekman area was just starting to see a turn-around and has come a long way in the past year — now filled with a number of renovated buildings housing the newest food and arts center in town. The recent transformation of places like Gotchya’s from cafe into restaurant (I do miss the cafe version) and a number of arts galleries have really made Beekman Street the hippest new business center off Broadway.

Turns out the guy we met at 9 Maple — head chef of the Bistro Dan Spitz — really knew what he was talking about. To celebrate our 3rd anniversary last night, Jen and I finally got around to eating at the restaurant, and it was simply incredible. We agreed it’s our new favorite place in town, right up there with Dine. The decor is stylish and understated, with just the right amount of lighting — bright enough to read the menu, but dim enough to enjoy a romantic dinner. The food was out of this world. I’d been cautioned about smaller portions, which they were, but everything was so rich and delicious, I wouldn’t have wanted the portions to be any bigger.

We enjoyed a light and crisp bottle of 2005 Colombelle Blanc, a cheap French blend that hit the spot (especially following the earlier martinis on our porch). Jen started with a goat cheese and walnut salad, and I with the sweet corn risotto. For our main courses, Jen had the mouth-watering scallops and I another second course offering, incredible homemade raviolis stuffed with parmesan and other goodness, which I had upgraded to a larger entree portion. We didn’t want the night to end, as we savored every delightful bite.

The only suggestion I’d have for the Bistro staff that would make it an even more perfect dining experience would be to do a two-minute check-back after serving the entrees, and to do wine fill-ups. That aside, the service was pleasant, efficient, and timely.

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  • 1 Alex // Jul 27, 2006 at 10:21 am

    Hey Gabe, The Metroland has good things to say about Beekman St. in their new “Best of…” issue as well. Check it:

    “Best New Restaurant
    The Beekman Street Bistro
    62 Beekman St., Saratoga Springs
    Tim Meaney and Dan Spitz, formerly of the Flying Fish in Lake George, are in the forefront of the Beekman Street revitalization. Their fine-dining bistro features the innovative fare of Chef Spitz, served in a charming art-gallery setting.”


    I must say that I trust their assessment is not based on which establishments advertise with them the most (as I often suspect), because some of the places they laud have never advertised with them at all (to my knowledge).

    Oh, and they rightfully mention Saso’s as the best sushi place in the area…because it just is. Saso’s is so good, I am almost evangelical about the place. I have a dream where the whole world can experience Saso’s goodness with me. “EXCEPTIONAL SUSHI FOR ALL, GOD ALMIGHTY!” We gotta keep our communities free of substandard sushi.

    By the way…let’s go Friday night. Bring your friends, it’s all good. I don’t think Cati and I can wait until Saturday.

    Metroland said:

    “Best Japanese
    Saso’s Noodle House
    218 Central Ave., Albany
    Saso himself is behind the sushi bar, and he purveys not only exceptional food but also the artistry behind it. We were going to add a paean to noodle soup, but in the course of this discussion, we decided just to go there and have some. Join us.”