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Scorching Temperatures

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2006 · No Comments

We’ve seen some record heat this week, with temperatures here in the Capital Region soaring to 96 degrees yesterday and the heat index — once you add the humidity — making it feel like 108 degrees. I caught the treemometer displaying about 92 degrees yesterday afternoon (keep in mind it’s on a tree that’s mostly shaded, so it doesn’t get much direct light, except in this photo):

It was already 80 degrees with 70% humidity before 8am this morning and severe weather alerts remain in effect. Needless to say, thank goodness for air conditioners, which have been my saving grace (I don’t do well in extreme heat and humidity; I think no A_ndersons really do). And speaking of power, record usage levels were set in NYC and across the state. Walking upstairs at one point yesterday felt like moving from a cool existence into a swampy jungle of watery air.

Of course, the heat lately really isn’t that bad compared to what we endured in Spain, where we rested often in our air conditioned rooms to seek respite from the heat that was literally melting the sunscreen off my face and arms throughout the trip. The heat here also does not compare to what I can only imagine Jane’s experience in Dubai in 1993 must have been like (though it’s no doubt much hotter there now, thanks to all the fun global warming).

I recently started using this great Ajax-based customizable site as my home page: Netvibes. Check it out. It’s very cool. You can add all your favorite blog and news feeds, integrate your Gmail (or other email), a to do list, your Flickr photos, the weather, your bookmarks, and lots more, including custom tab creation. Oh, and it all happens and is saved on the fly.

A year ago yesterday we had just been to the Tom Petty concert and our first day of the track season. A year ago today Stella was drinking Stella.

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