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Annual Photo Books

Wednesday, August 9th, 2006 · No Comments

Summer goes by in a flash. When we’re not partying, traveling, or entertaining friends from out of town, we’re hard at work — full-time jobs, volunteer jobs, contract jobs, extracurricular jobs — or sleeping. Which leaves little time for blogging. And when I don’t blog, people start to wonder, and ask me why I haven’t blogged in nearly a week. Sorry about that, homies. Here we go…

Though there’s much to write about and many photos to share — last weekend we hit Albany for yummy Mexican dinner and The Devil Wears Prada with Alex and Cati, the track on Saturday with Justin, delicious BBQ pizza dinner at Matt and Dana’s Saturday night, breakfast at the track Sunday morning, more racing at the track Sunday afternoon (down $8 on the weekend, bringing the season total to down $38 for me over 3 days at the track thus far, and Jen to up $6 on the weekend down $9 for the season) — after working at the computer all day, I just find it hard to have the energy and the eye-strain to do it anymore.

classic_photo_book.jpg So thank goodness my rockin’ wife has had the energy lately for a very important project, which is even more important in this age of digital photography and blogs: preserving memories for ourselves, our family, friends, and our future children in a non-carbon dependent way by creating a hard-cover book of photos highlighting our lives by the year (and you all know how we feel about photos). After days of getting it just right and crafting beautiful dedications, Jen has completed the first two years of what will become an annual project once we’re caught up to present.

Enter the Kodak EasyShare Gallery Photo Book. It looks awesome. Our plan is to create one for each year of our digital photographic lives, which began in 1999 (conveniently, the year we became a couple, too). Our online photo count with Kodak/Ofoto is now 13,495. That’s a lot of photos and makes selecting the best few hundred or so to highlight from each year no easy task. Using my blog, my Google Calendar, and Gmail, Jen pieced together highlights of our lives from 2005 and then 2004. Which leaves only 1999 through 2003 to go!

She placed the order for the first two books last night — the Classic with black leather binding, double pages, drop-shadow design, and Futura font is our book of choosing — and we got to take advantage of a 30% off coupon (code BOOKS30), which expires today. Not too shabby a savings. Before ordering the next 4 years (and 2006 after the year’s over, of course), we’ll have to wait until there’s another photo book sale. Keep ’em coming, Kodak!

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