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Superfecta Weekend

Monday, August 14th, 2006 · No Comments

Another unbelievable weekend has just passed (so much fun I don’t know where the time goes!) — this one filled with tons of good luck, which began Friday when Jen scored free orchestra tickets from her company for the Sunday night Tom Petty show at SPAC (her 10th Petty show in 19 years; my 5th in 7 years).

Oh yeah, and that superfecta we won Sunday with Sarah and Eric in the 9th race at the track on the 1-6-10-9 (Certifiably Crazy, Dave, Pa Pa Da, and Golden Commander) — $2 superfecta paid $651 and we won half that with our $1 boxed bet ($24 between the 4 of us for the superfecta box). Can’t beat that! …well, except maybe in the maiden 5th race when the #12 horse, Kon Krete Kid, with his 46-1 odds, won the race and paid out a $1,095 exacta with the #4 horse, Inquisitive. The trifecta on that race paid upwards of $5,000… too bad superfecta wagering wasn’t allowed on that race.

Friday: Took off work early. We were joined by Sarah, Alex, and Cati for a beautiful afternoon at the track (Jen’s 5th of the season and Gabe’s 4th). Basking in the sun, Cati scores the $204 exacta. The first of much good fortune to fall on us throughout the weekend.

Friday night: BBQ at Justin’s to celebrate his 35th birthday party. Good drinks, good friends, good times.

Saturday: BBQ at Sue and Josh’s on the lake with Karen and Joti. Gabe does a cat photo shoot.

Sunday: Score elite box seat at the track (day 6 of the season for Jen; day 5 for Gabe), courtesy of Sarah and Eric (and their secret source). Private betting screen. Dedicated cocktail waitress. Amazing views of the track. We could really get used to this. Jerry Bailey celebration day (winningest jockey of all time at Saratoga). And then… last race (for us) of the day. We hit the superfecta! I’ve now officially hit all the fun bets — exacta, trifeca, and superfecta.

Sunday night: Petty rocks the house at SPAC.

Friday 8/11 afternoon at the track


Justin’s 35th birthday party

Saturday 8/12 BBQ @ Sue & Josh’s

Sunday 8/13 box day & superfecta at Saratoga



Sunday 8/13 Petty show:

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