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Jami & Alexis B-Day Pub Crawl

Sunday, November 12th, 2006 · 1 Comment

Jen, Sarah, Jami, Alexis

If you’re a member of the Saratoga Party Posse, you know that we know how to party — the standing record is the 18 hours that Jen, Alex, Cati, Celia, and I clocked in for Travers 2006 (many of you were also there for other phases of the day and night, of course, but we were the last 5 standing in the final phase that night).

That said, the 8 hours we clocked in last Saturday, November 4 for the combined Jami/Alexis birthday pub crawl of Saratoga bars wasn’t too shabby a showing. Although certain participants who shall remain nameless would have liked for us to hit more bars, I don’t think the 5 we hit is too bad a number — Brindisi’s, Stadium Cafe, The Alley, 13, The Venue. The Alley and The Venue are not places we frequent, or places I had even been before, but it’s always fun to mix it up.

We rocked the house at Awesome Alley, slapped some asses on Caroline Street, rode a giant vodka bottle across 13 (then hugged it), worked the pole at The Venue (it still cracks me up that they have a fucking stripper pole there!), break danced (broke danced?) the night away, then joined Happy in his cage at the end of the night.

Happy birthday to the November birthday girls!

Justin, Gabe, Alexis, Kara

Gabe & Jen with the pole

Gabe & Jen @ 13

Jen & Alexis with the pole

Hugh & Alexis @ pole

Jami with oh sweet vodka

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