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Sunglasses Lost & Found

Sunday, May 13th, 2007 · No Comments

I learned a good lesson today: If you lose something at a restaurant or bar, don’t expect to get it back unless you return in person to ask for it.

Friday night we had a super-fun, rockin’ all-night happy hour, which began with dinner at Sushi Thai Garden. Along with me and Jen, fellow sushi diners included Justin, Seth, and Niki. Sarah and Brian joined us for drinks at the tail end of our meal. After dinner and a few Sapporos, we cruised to Peabody’s for a pitcher (then left shortly thereafter since it smelled funky). Eric met up with us, Seth and Niki went home, and we proceeded to Bailey’s for dinner part two and Irish Car Bombs.

Apparently the ICB was what made me forget my sunglasses at Bailey’s, though it wasn’t until today that I confirmed that’s where they’d been. It was a long and rockin’ rest of the night. Jen went home to study for her GRE, Eric eventually went to chaperon a prom after-party, and Sarah, Brian, Justin, and I proceeded on to bar after bar — including Gaffney’s and Thirteen, where we spent most of the night.

Yesterday while driving between home and Massachusetts for a first communion party, then enjoying a most excellent evening BBQ in Albany with Alex and Cati, I called every place we had visited Friday night — except Thirteen — to inquire about my lost sunglasses (close to my heart since they’re prescription and my eyes are really sensitive to light, so I felt lost without them all weekend). Bailey’s had even told me to call back later in the night after they’d cleaned up, which I did, but still no confirmation that my sunglasses were there. Two calls, two denials that my sunglasses were there.

So today after a nice Mother’s Day brunch with Jen and Jane at the Gideon Putnam, we were enjoying the beautiful sunshine downtown and I was determined to track down my sunglasses. Sure enough, the first stop was Bailey’s and voila! There were my sunglasses, underneath the outside hostess stand. I thanked the hostess for making my day.

And I could see again in the bright sunlight. Though I was getting used to wearing Jen’s sunglasses this weekend, it just wasn’t the same — and her ladies’ sunglasses were a bit small on my face, I think.

So the moral of the story: Next time you lose something, don’t bother calling the establishment. Go there in person if you want your item back.

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