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Caught Red-Handed on the Web

Saturday, June 9th, 2007 · No Comments

If you haven’t yet seen the latest feature of Google MapsStreet View – do check it out in select major cities on a computer near you.


You can see fun things like this guy, scaling a fence and caught red-handed by the Google Street View van trying to break into someone’s house. You can also see a woman who apparently has Spider-Woman abilities. And, of course, you can see some thong action here and here.

Now I didn’t take a virtual drive around San Francisco, mind you, to find these amusing sites (though any of us now can). No, I just found the links in Mark Morford’s column, I Can See Your Thong From Here.

There are no doubt links to plenty of other revealing, funny, astonishing sites in cities where the Google cam has been unleashed.

Welcome to the new age of Internet spying on your neighbors – and hoping you’re not the guy who gets caught with his pants down for all the world to see!

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