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July Blog Blitz

Sunday, July 8th, 2007 · No Comments

OK, so after yet another long, fun-filled weekend, I spent most of today blogging. It’s probably the longest continuous blogging I’ve done in the history of my blogging — and now that my archives total 1,595 posts (this will be 1,596), that’s saying a lot! — and surely the highest number of consecutive posts in a single day. Here’s the list of today’s post for your reading and viewing pleasure:

Wow, that’s 11 blog posts in a single day! Man, with all we do, no wonder I can never stay on top of blogging about it all. According to the time stamp of the first blog entry in the series (published 3:25pm), I’ve been at it for nearly 4 hours now since it’s after 7pm (luckily, I had previously uploaded all photos to Flickr, which I’m loving more and more each day that I use it, by the way; see Kodak vs. Flickr, and keep in mind that Flickr Pro now gives you unlimited uploading, which was my big beef with it last year).

I think I’ve run out of blogging steam for the day.

Still left in the queue:

I’m on a roll now, so hopefully I can get through those posts before next weekend!

(The last blog blitz I did was about a month ago — to recap our Memorial Day activities.)

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