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Jen’s Birthday Weekend

Monday, December 17th, 2007 · No Comments


Last weekend was my awesome wife’s birthday extravaganza. We started the weekend right with our second visit to Bloomers (read about the first visit here). It was equally as awesome as our first visit there. This time I had an excellent cajun catfish and Jen had seared sea scallops with jasmine rice over a bed of spinach in a light cream sauce. Simply delicious! And Jen got to sport her new birthday coat, secured by yours truly at the Saddlery in downtown Saratoga Springs. We capped off that evening with Jen’s white sweater twins at Patricia’s place.


Saturday night Jen got all snazzied up (yeah, she was smokin’ hot) and accompanied Alexis to her work Christmas party at the Canfield Casino in Congress Park (same place Dan and Shira got married this summer). I was the chauffeur, and joined the ladies for drinks at City Tavern after the main event.


Sunday we drove to Philmont for a family dinner since Jen’s aunt was in town from Sacramento to announce her engagement to her new beau.


And the birthday festivities extended into the week, with a Beekman Street Bistro dinner with Ken, Rachel, and Justin on Tuesday night. BSB does a weekly prefix menu for just $25 per person. I have to say that the food was not up to par in my book. I had the “Artic Char.” Yes, they actually spelled it “Artic.” That should’ve been my tip-off to avoid it. I also received misleading intel from two unnamed members of my party that it was a white fish, not a salmon-esque fish. I’m not a salmon guy. It was also my fault for not asking the server to tell me more about it. But Jen loved her curried lentils with pita and feta (it was damn good). I’ve also decided I enjoy the Bloomers ambience more, so Bloomers may now be my #1 and BSB my #2 (I’ll forgive them for having an off night).

Happy belated birthday to Jen!

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