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Nana: A Memorial Resolution

Saturday, March 8th, 2008 · No Comments

Last night I dreamt that Stella, Happy, and I were hanging out at Nana’s house. We were playing in the yard and Poco was in one of the bedrooms, awaiting her turn to run outside (since she never got along with Stella and Happy). I hung out in the driveway, sitting on the bumper of the old Saturn wagon (the Golden Chariot, as Jen and I fondly nicknamed it). I was just enjoying being back at that house. I often have dreams like that, and Nana is often in them.

So today — on the 6th year anniversary of Nana’s passing — I blog once again in Nana’s honor and memory. This post includes some great photos of Nana with Jen and my Dad from Easter 2000 (April 23, 2000), which we hosted at our old home on Treasure Island:

Nana & Jen on TI

Nana loved visiting us on Treasure Island and she loved the fresh ocean air, which was great for her breathing. That year my Dad apparently joined us for what seems to have been a small Easter, at least according to the photographic evidence I could find.

Dad & Nana

In the below photo Jen and Nana are showing off their turkey, and Jen’s looking at me as if to say, “will you stop taking pictures and give us a hand already?” 🙂

Jen & Nana carve Easter turkey

So cheers to Nana and the joy she brought so many of us and the difference she made in so many lives. To that end, I also decided to include in this year’s post some photos and scans of California State Assembly Memorial Resolution Number 1750, sponsored by Sen. Darrell Steinberg, which was passed in Nana’s honor “this 8th day of May, 2002:”


View Ruth Cory Pritchard Memorial Resolution as PDF

Page 5 of the PDF outlines some of Nana’s amazing accomplishments in her life, from working in then-Governor Reagan’s administration in the 1970s to founding 3 publishing companies (one of which, Capitol Enquiry, still thrives today under the management of my uncle and aunt) to being a lifelong advocate for women’s rights, including being the founder of the Sacramento chapter of the National Women’s Caucus. I like how the resolution concludes:

Resoved by Assembly Member Darrell Steinberg, that the exemplary life and illustrious record of professional and civic accomplishments of Ruth Cory Pritchard be memorialized henceforth and hereafter, and that her bereaved family and friends be extended heartfelt sympathy.

Thank you, Sen. Steinberg.

Finally, as you no doubt know, I’m training for a marathon to help support blood cancer research, officially in memory of Nana (and my Aunt Patty). Please consider donating to the cause.

A trip down Nana memorial lane from years past:

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