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Happy Birthday, Dad!

Friday, October 24th, 2008 · No Comments

A big happy birthday to my awesome Dad! My whole life you’ve been the most supportive and encouraging father a guy could ask for. You’ve always been there for me and Peter, as friend, father, and mentor — from life lessons on Pacheco Valle benches to football on Stanwood Way. We’ve always known we could count on you, and yours and Mom’s belief that we could do anything has always inspired us to live life as fully as possible. Jen and I miss having you around Saratoga Springs, but are happy that you’re back in California where you feel more at home.


Andersones tres @ San Francisco Giants Game · AT&T Park · June 2, 2008

We love you, Dad! Happy Birthday!

Anderson Posse in Pacheco Valle · Circa 1987
 (Yes, I’m reusing the above photo from the birthday blog post I wrote for my bro this year since I wanted to use something old school and it’s the only one I have handy at the moment.)

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