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Day of Non-Stop Action

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009 · No Comments

Today has been the longest, most action-packed day I can remember in a long time, so I feel the need to blog about it.

Here’s a quick recap of everything I’ve done so far today:

  • Woke up at 5am
  • Ran 14 miles (in about 2 hours @ ~8:30/mile training pace)
  • Discovered a great new country road on second half of run (out Crescent past Racino)
  • Worked
  • Dropped off new tires for WRX & bike for riding home @ Superior Auto (best service place in Saratoga Springs)
  • Drove party van to Clifton Park to meet Jen for car exchange & lunch (since we forgot about WRX appointment today)
  • Enjoyed a delicious lunch @ Shalimar
  • Drove WRX to Superior Auto
  • Rode bike home
  • Worked some more
  • Rode bike into town for haircut
  • Picked up contact lens solution & Dr. Scholls for blisters
  • Rode bike home
  • Continued working a full day
  • Returned to Superior with Jen to pick up WRX
  • Cleaned two bathrooms
  • Had Drew & Courtney over for dinner
  • Served as sous chef for Drew, who cooked a mean dinner for us
  • Enjoyed the company of friends
  • Tried to find Super Nintendo in basement for Street Fighter 2 battles
  • Finished cleaning up the kitchen
  • Blogged about it all

And I did all that before 10pm! Now let’s see how much of the 2-hour Lost season finale we can watch before crashing out for the night (I’m guessing not much).

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