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Why is it 38 Degrees in May?

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009 · No Comments

OK, so here we are the week before Memorial Day — the unofficial start to summer, albeit a week early this year — and it’s a chilly 38 freakin’ degrees. WTF? It’s 52 in my house this morning, which is colder than we set our heater at night in the winter (55). At least it’s supposed to warm up to 70 today, and nearly 90 later in the week:

38 degrees

Yesterday was also chilly; then and now I’m resisting the urge to turn on the baseboard heater in my office — out of principle.

I had my alarm set for 6:15am this morning — the plan was to go for a 6-mile recovery run — but it was one of those mornings when I was just too tired and couldn’t get out of bed. Jen’s alarm went off at 6:30am and the dual snoozing began. The tired was contagious this morning.

I’m supposed to run twice today: 6 miles in the AM and 4 miles in the PM — both recovery runs. I had the same thing on my training plan last week, but I didn’t find the time to squeeze in the second 4-mile run. I’ll probably go for a 6-8-mile run at lunchtime today.

Also, my right foot is sore again, but this time on the outer edge instead of the top. The sore foot put me nearly out of commission for about a week-and-a-half… well, enough out of commission that I only ran 21 miles the week of April 27 instead of the 55 my plan called for.

Here’s what I posted in this Runner’s World forums thread on the topic:

At the end of my 5th week of training for marathon #3 (Pfitz 18/70), I somehow injured my foot. It was during a 20-miler to cap off a 65-mile week (my personal high) on 4/26.

I suspect the cause is that I wore my New Balance 903s all the way through, as shown in this photo. I only have about 400 miles on them, so I’m surprised they’re already toast.

It’s pretty much that exact spot on the top of my right foot that hurts. It feels like a joint pain and really only hurts if I walk or run.

I tried to stay mostly off it last week, but got frustrated with not running and did run 3 days / 21 miles last week.

Of course, each time it started to feel better, I’d run, then it would get worse again.

I’ve been trying to ice once or twice a day for 20 minutes each time.

Any other pointers on healing foot pain?

I’m glad I’m relatively early in my training, but hate missing out on so many runs.

Thanks for any input!

I ended up buying a new pair of New Balance 1063 neutral cushion shoes, which are pretty awesome, but I think my feet are still getting used to them. On that topic, I wrote on May 10:

I’d forgotten what it was like to have actual cushioning in running shoes! I did my first run yesterday in the 1063s and wow, what a difference it makes. It’s like running on air vs. running barefoot. I love how cushioned they are – and exactly where I need it.

I also ran 21 miles in them today and aside from some soreness on the bottom of my feet, I felt really good the entire distance.

I think these shoes have helped me rediscover the joy of running.

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