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Friday, December 18th, 2009 · 3 Comments

So far this week has brought you the pink martini ‘stache & GabeSpock, and a new GabeSpock-influenced post of self-doubt by Pete — with a conspicuous lack of update photos of himself. Is he waning? Is he questioning the power of the ‘stache to carry him through the holiday season? His ‘stache is not giving him the confidence and power one needs to stand victorious in this contest, but is instead giving him nightmares and making him uncomfortable with himself. He writes:

This contest, this assassination of self-esteem, has left me incapable of looking at myself in the mirror- a ritual once cherished by yours truly.

Well, Pete, it’s time for you to step it up and embrace this final week of ABMGC. Let your mustache shine. Stand tall. Stand proud. With my next two photos, you’re going to need to gather up your confidence and charge on because the real battle is about to begin.

Before I unveil the true highlight of this week’s ABMGC photo contest — The Kip — I present to you a self-portrait (in the mirror, no less!) from Wednesday night that I captured before heading out into the snow and 25-degree cold for a 7.77-mile run:


The above picture has garnered 2 “likes” and 14 comments on Facebook, including declarations like the following:

  • “This is…purely and simply EXTRAORDINARY. You made my day!!!”
  • “the mustache makes me laugh lol”
  • “You look like some combination of crossing guard, spelunker, and ski bum. Nice!”
  • “Hahahaha – that was really special. I needed that laugh out loud moment!!”

Not one to be easily outdone, my mustache-supporting wife jumped in on the action yesterday and left me laughing all day long — and many of our friends simply speechless — when she posted The Kip on Facebook:

The Kip

This masterpiece of a post has collected 5 “likes” and 21 comments (so far), including the following:

  • “If they want to look like 80s porn-stars, maybe you (Jen) should do the same. Break out the blue-frosted eye shadow and the hair spray!”
  • “HAHAHAHHAHAH!!!!!!! OH MY GOODNESS this just got so.much.better.”
  • “Jen – you know you’re LaFonda now, right? 🙂 “
  • “Mary dragged me from the next room to come look at this/you.  I am without speech.”
  • “Gabe, you’re too funny! People don’t usually develop this look on purpose.”
  • “Those frames will come in handy when you reach your bifocal era. Hopefully, they’ll be back in style by then.”
  • “I think you’re going to get arrested.”
  • “BWAAHAHAHAHAHA. I love it! Great look. You manage to perfectly balance an innocent hopefulness and burnt out despondency in one gaze. You’re a freakin’ masterpiece (of ass).”
  • “How do you like electrical engineering?”

I’d show you a close-up of The Kip, but I’m not entirely comfortable with it. Plus, it’s better when viewed side-by-side with the actual Kip.

Alright, Pete, your move.

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  • 1 bro bro // Dec 18, 2009 at 12:24 pm

    stunning. a weaker competitor might pack it in at this point, but im only motivated by your excellence. prepare yourself for a photoshoot this weekend designed to “shock and awe”.

  • 2 Blog Master G // Dec 18, 2009 at 12:40 pm

    i look forward to what you will bring, bro!

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