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Runnin’ of the Green (Island) 2010

Saturday, March 6th, 2010 · 4 Comments


Photo courtesy of HMRRC; that’s me on far right

Despite dealing with some craptastic back pain the past week and a half, I set a new 4-mile race PR this morning (25:52) at the Runnin’ of the Green in Green Island, NY, near Troy, and I was pretty psyched about that.

Like last year’s race (when I also set a then-PR of 26:24), this morning was another picture-perfect day with the sun shining, a gentle breeze, and a field of 500 fast runners.


Coming off last month’s Polar Cap 4-miler, where I had set a then-PR of 26:18 on a tough, hilly course with 20 MPH winds and a “feels like” temperature of -2, I felt good about this morning’s race, where the conditions were… not that. 🙂

The Runnin’ of the Green is a USATF event, so lots of fast runners show up. And it’s mostly flat, so it’s a good PR course.

I came out strong off the line — a little too fast, in fact, since I caught myself pushing a 5:45 pace in the initial rush off the line. I eased off and passed the Mile 1 marker in 6:16. My average heart rate in the first mile was 161, so I wasn’t pushing too hard yet and things were looking good. This heart rate / elevation chart is interesting to see my steadily climbing HR:


Slowing a bit in Mile 2, I tried to keep it as close to my goal pace of 6:30. Already, a number of runners who went out too fast started to fade. Mile 2 pace: 6:28.

The third mile is usually the toughest for me in a 4-mile race. It’s the time when I fall into a groove and have to fight the urge to slow down, but don’t want to push too hard since I know there’s still another mile to go. I was running with a fairly good-sized pack of runners by this time, and tried to avoid falling into place behind those who were slowing. Mile 3 pace: 6:34.


As we passed the Mile 3 marker and entered the final mile, I was still feeling strong and picked up the pace, along with a number of other runners in my pack. Half a mile to go… still feeling good… saving that final finishing kick… quarter-mile to go… picking it up… last intersection as the finish line comes into sight about 50 to 100 meters away… turning it on for the final kick and a few final passes. Mile 4 pace: 6:22.

I didn’t have much left by the end, and was really happy with my performance today. It was also my first race in my new Newton Sir Issac Guidance Trainers, and they felt great.


Congrats to the other Green Island runners, too! You are a tough group!

Mile splits (view Garmin data):

Split Time Avg Speed Max Speed Avg HR Max HR Calories
1 0:06:16 6:16 5:06 161 170 119
2 0:06:28 6:28 5:41 172 175 124
3 0:06:34 6:34 6:01 175 176 124
4 0:06:22 6:22 5:20 177 180 123
4.03 0:00:08 4:45 4:31 180 180 2
Summary 0:25:51 6:24 4:31 171 180 492

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4 responses so far ↓

  • 1 bro bro // Mar 6, 2010 at 7:44 pm


    your party horns, as always, are strong.

  • 2 Blog Master G // Mar 7, 2010 at 12:33 pm

    yes! thanks, bro!


  • 3 A Marathoner // Mar 10, 2010 at 10:13 am

    Gabe – way to hammer it buddy. Well executed race. How were the Newton’s? Which kicks did you run in before?

  • 4 Blog Master G // Mar 10, 2010 at 6:07 pm

    Thanks, Elgin! The Newtons were great – I’m really growing to like them quite a bit. They’re light, quick, and have good reaction… still TBD as to whether I’d buy another pair (it’ll depend on how long they last).

    I have a couple pairs of New Balance on the way out (904s and 800s). NB 903s are still my favorite shoe.